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a fashion story….carly and simon

Because every illustration tells a story……


Their names are Carly and Simon….

Carly is a Labor and Delivery Nurse based in Denver…..Simon is a 6 month old Yellow Lab she is voluntarily raising as a Canine Companion….Her schedule allows her to spend large chunks of time with him making sure he is socialized, healthy and loved! Eventually he will be called into service and she knows her heart will break but she is passionate about this program and so proud of Simon who will make a profound difference in someone’s life…..Carly is feeling the love today at the dog park in American Eagle jeans…

Her creed: “You’re with me now and for as long as you stay…..loving you’s the right thing to do….” Carly Simon – The Right Thing To Do

What’s your fashion story? I’d love to know!


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