a fashion story….fiona

Because every illustration tells a story….


Her name is Fiona….

She is a self taught sewer known as the “Queen of Christmas Crafts” for her amazing line of coats, stuffed toys and stockings all made out of recycled blankets…. Initially tentative about sharing her work, her hobby has turned into a lucrative enterprise as she travels the country attending upscale holiday craft shows and markets! She never dreamed that by taking those first few vulnerable steps she would eventually achieve such success so she makes it a point to mentor other women every chance she gets….Today she is toasty warm and stylish in an up cycled coat of her own design while manning her booth at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta…..

Her creed: “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” Sylvia Plath

What’s your fashion Story? I’d love to know!


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