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a fashion story….lauren loves her new lg oled tv!

This story is sponsored by LG Electronics….

Her name is Lauren……

She is the super stylish, newly promoted Director of Marketing for a prominent luxury hotel chain headquartered in Boston’s Back Bay. Ever aware of her eco footprint, she walks to work most days, appreciating the sights, sounds and vibrant colors of her neighborhood! An outgoing and approachable Manager, she dresses with authority and flair, favoring bold prints and colorful, sophisticated accessories….


Always on the go, her job takes her all over the world where she presents her Marketing insights and strategic recommendations to an International Management Team…She has earned a reputation as a discerning expert on luxury brands and trends, understanding that quality and integrity must always come first! A PowerPoint whiz, her presentations are colorful and compelling and always a hit in otherwise dry business meetings…..

So when it came time to upgrade her TV as she gradually furnished her modest yet very hip one bedroom on Marlborough Street, she did her research, just as she would for her employer! Her new TV had to be stylish, had to be designed using the latest advances in technology, and had to be environmentally friendly. She started her search by googling “best TV’s of 2014” and, voila!  The LG 55EC9300 OLED TV  jumped off the page with this line: Best. Picture. Ever.

So she stopped at her local Retailer to see it for herself!


It’s CURVED…..

The first thing she noticed was its sleek, curved screen which not only looks cool but serves to widen your viewing angle as if you are immersed in the screen! Add to that its remarkably thin design with a depth of only 0.17″ at its thinnest point, about the same thickness as a pencil, and she not only has a state of the art entertainment center but a sculptural statement piece which enhances her other furnishings.

The COLOR is amazing……

Then she was blown away by the vibrancy and clarity of the colors on display and she learned about OLED technology, which delivers the boldest possible picture with organic light emitting diodes and 4-Color Pixel, LG’s exclusive innovation. She loves knowing that when the TV is shut off these pixels no longer emit energy, thereby being better for the environment. By adding a white sub-pixel to the conventional three colors (red, green and blue), this technology effectively enhances color range and with perfect black levels and exceedingly bright whites her weekend Game of Thrones binges are about to become epic!


But the real clincher for this smart, multi-tasking executive who relies on seamless communication between all of her entertainment networks and media platforms is the OLED’s WebOS Smart Functionality capability. All OLED TV’s come with a “Magic Remote” which interacts with a customizable Launchbar displayed at the bottom of the screen. By manipulating a very intuitive cursor which appears on the screen she is able to easily navigate between Netflix, Hulu, Network TV, the Internet, and a variety of very cool apps she can purchase right from her TV at the LG Store. Now she can project those Power Points on her TV screen, enabling her to become even more creative and effective in her presentations than ever before! And if her hands are full with that project she can give voice commands to the remote which is capable of interacting with up to five additional appliances in her home!


Lauren’s LG 55EC9300 OLED TV  arrived two weeks ago and after an easy setup she has been thoroughly enjoying this state of the art entertainment system for her cherished home……And…. she finally found the courage to invite the really cute Technology Exec from across the hall over to watch the Patriots win on Sunday…..

What’s your fashion story? I’d love to know!




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