a fashion story…..mallory

Because every illustration tells a story….


Her name is Mallory….

She is a lifestyle blogger and soon to be mommy to Michaela, a baby girl due New Year’s Day…Her popular blog covers a wide range of topics from home decor to gluten free recipes but lately it is all about the bump! How to show it off, how to play it down….She has documented every week of her pregnancy much to her followers’ fascination and delight and as the weeks go by and baby girl somersaults deep within her it’s becoming real: It’s not a bump, it’s a baby! An LA native, she favors maxi dresses like this Oscillating Wave Maxi Dress from Anthropologie….

Her creed: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” Dr. Seuss

What’s your fashion story? I’d love to know!


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