a fashion story…..sophie

Because every illustration tells a story…..


Her name is Sophie…..

She and her brother created an app for adding hip fonts to digital images and, before they knew it, their modest endeavor turned into a full-fledged business! One app led to another and they now have a team of several full and part-time employees working out of WeWork’s South Station location…..a beautiful, collaborative workspace for creative entrepreneurs strategically situated in the heart of Boston’s historic Leather District….Buoyed by this supportive infrastructure she is free to focus on her passion: creating cutting edge apps for creatives …..Today she is hosting a workshop at the Hynes Convention Center in this high-tech chic Balfern Biker jacket from All Saints Boston……

Her creed: Entrepreneurs replace “I wish” with “I will.”

What’s your fashion story? I’d love to know!


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