a wedding story and a behind the scenes watercolor tutorial……

Because every illustration tells a story……


Their names are Rachel and Travis……

They met exactly one year ago today on a crowded Manhattan sidewalk….Well, actually, they literally ran into each other exactly one year ago today at the corner of Madison and 38th as both were simultaneously texting and running trying desperately  to get to the Subway as the rain turned to sleet on a cold December evening….The force of the impact caused their phones to be flung into oncoming traffic, instantly destroying both devices in a spectacular manner! As each turned angrily to accuse the other their eyes locked and melted…..Suddenly shy and apologetic, Travis suggested they duck into a nearby coffee shop to get warm and they have been inseparable ever since……So Friday night after work they flew to Key West, rented a cottage and a blue Vespa for the week and were quietly married by a friendly JP in a private ceremony……..But they don’t call it eloping, they call it love……

Rachel’s creed: “I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance, a church filled with family and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for, he said one that would make me his wife.” Unknown Author

What’s your Wedding Story? I’d love to know!

The photo inspiration for this story is from Elizabeth Messina via Love My Dress. I fell in love with this stunning photograph and I instantly imagined the story of Rachel and Travis!

Here’s a behind the scenes glimpse of how the watercolor came together:


As always, I use both a wet and dry palette, watercolor pencils, a #2 lead pencil, a sheet of watercolor paper and a porcelain plate and small porcelain bowl for mixing paints and holding fresh water….


I begin by using a flesh colored watercolor pencil to define the main shapes of the drawing, then use a light wash of the wet colors to lay the foundation….


Then I go back over everything with heavier color and start to add detail with my watercolor pencils….


Finally, I add the last bit of definition and fine detail with my #2 pencil and sign my work!

Thanks again to Elizabeth Messina and Love My Dress for the visual inspiration for this story!


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