a wedding story and……making the cut

Because every illustration tells a story….

unnamed (2)

Her name is Billie…..

She is the precocious yet charming sister of the bride whose normal attire doesn’t usually include high heels and pink dresses but she has to admit she’s kind of digging it! Her boyfriend, Moose, is kind of digging it too….A man of few words, he is especially tongue tied at the sight of her in this lovely dress by Jessica McClintock on this most romantic day….

Her creed: “Men always want to be a woman’s first love – women like to be a man’s last romance.” Oscar Wilde

What’s your Wedding Story? I’d love to know!


Making the Cut.....

Illustrated by Brooke Hagel


I have followed Fashion Illustrator Brooke Hagel for some time now and I am a devoted follower on Instagram, Pinterest and, of course, her most delightful blog: Fabulous Doodles….So when she announced a giveaway to promote the release of four Chloe by Design books (written by Margaret Gurevich and illustrated by Brooke Hagel) aimed at the teen market my inner teen jumped at the chance to win the collection..…and…..lo and behold…..I won!

Making the Cut tells the story of teenaged Chloe who competes in a Project Runway like Fashion Design Competition known as Design Diva….Brooke’s illustrations are wonderful and so essential to the storyline and her vast experience in the world of fashion from her education at FIT to regular styling and design contributions to magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, House Beautiful, Country Living, Seventeen and Esquire make her the perfect Illustrator for this series……And somehow she manages to fly around the country doing live fashion sketches as well!

If you have a teen interested in the world of fashion I would highly recommend these fun, informative books – one set for her (or him) and one for you! Because fashion knows no age….

Thanks, Brooke! You rock!


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