I’ve been collecting Copic Markers for about a year now and they are quickly becoming my favorite go to media for my fashion sketches! Although my first love is watercolors there is something so satisfying about picking up a gorgeous copic brush tipped marker, removing the cap and having an instant watercolor paintbrush at my disposal, no muss, no fuss! As New York Fashion Week began a couple of weeks ago I noticed a giveaway being offered by @copicmarker on Instagram for copic creations inspired by NYFW. So I sketched this little duo inspired by Jason Wu, added the #copicfashion hashtag and what do you know? I was chosen as Day 2 winner!

C 10

And what did I win? This cool little industry reference guide to drawing shoes called “I Draw Shoes”….I love drawing shoes!!

C 6

In fact, some of my most popular prints are shoes….see here and here and here and here….so this little guide will come in handy!

C 5

I immediately tore out a spec and began sketching……..

C 1

c 3
C 7

Eventually all this sneaker activity inspired me to sketch some workout fashions…..

C 12

C 13

C 14

Thank you, @copicmarkers, for sponsoring this fun giveaway…..I hope to collect every beautiful marker in your collection eventually! (And I’m really lusting after a Copic Marker Art Case……)


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