creating illustrated stories for Instagram… technique

Today I thought it would be fun to show more of my process for creating the images I post on my Instagram account…..Instragram is the perfect platform for creatives like me! Over the past few months I have perfected my technique for creating my little FASHION STORIES…..Let’s start with the “Runway Ladies” to demonstrate my watercolor method…….


I begin each illustration with a light outline of shapes in a flesh colored watercolor pencil which I then start to fill in with light washes from my watercolor palette. Less is more with watercolors! You can always add but it is difficult to subtract. I leave plenty of white paper showing through and I paint very quickly. Details are added with sharp watercolor pencils and the eyes are always done with a regular lead pencil which I also use to articulate precise details like circular shoulders, knees and elbows…..The human eye always looks for balance and patterns so these repeating circles lead the eye through the composition (I guess I did learn something in all those Art History lectures after all :-))

Now let’s use Meredith to show how I “style” the illustration to be photographed…..


Once I am happy with the final painting I set about capturing an interesting image for Instagram and my other social media posts. Truth be told I am a life long quilter and hoarder of fabrics, vintage buttons, 50’s tablecloths and floral hankies – big surprise, right? I treat each photo as a quilt, tossing together textures and patterns from illustrations I have previously created or collected until I achieve a chaotic unity. Hmmmnnn, chaotic unity – the story of my life! Each image becomes the “mood board” of the story I am telling. I always take the photo using the Instagram app rather than my camera in order to have a balanced square – the quilter in me loves these squares!

When it’s time to post I will often use interesting filters – it all depends on the story I’m telling and its stylistic elements. But most of all I just have fun! There are plenty of cool apps out there…wish I had the time to try them all……

If you enjoy learning about my process and want to see more posts like this please let me know!


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