Creating Nursery Collages.....Free Instant Download!

Download my Terrier with a Floral Garland coloring page and create a beautiful collage for your baby's nursery!

Here's my step by step tutorial:
1) Choose an image such as my terrier with a floral here!

2) Print onto heavy card card stock or watercolor paper and paint! 

3) Loosely cut out around the edges.....

4) On a separate sheet of cardstock or watercolor paper lay down a light wash of color.

5) After the first wash has dried apply low tack painter's tape in vertical lines to create stripes. Then paint again with a slightly darker shade. When the tape is removed you will have a beautiful pattern of loose stripes which will serve as a nice background for your whimsical chien!

6) Using a collage medium such as Mod Podge, glue your cut out onto your striped page, leaving room for lettering at the top.

7) With a dark grey or black watercolor pencil write "le chien" or the quote of your choice in whimsical hand lettering.

8) Seal the entire piece with a coat of Mod Podge and frame!

Et voila! You will have a charming piece of wall decor for the new baby in your life....

Tag me on Instagram to show me your finished piece!

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