faith and fashion……

“We are most like our Creator when we are creating……” With this simple statement Pastor Rick Warren sums up my passion for art and my love for beautiful images, peaceful thoughts and the source for my enduring faith no matter what the world throws at me…..I came to my faith late in life after “doing it my way” until the consequences of my decisions became so painful that I finally surrendered to a power much, much greater, wiser and stronger than myself.

I had to learn how to love again….

1John blog

How to be gentle with myself….

1 peterblog

How to put one foot in front of the other when I couldn’t see what was coming….


How to shift my focus from my outsides to my insides……


And how to listen to the voice of my Creator who gives me wisdom, strength and guidance……..


So I can fulfill His plan and purpose for my life……..


Can faith and fashion co- exist? Absolutely!! It’s all a matter of which you put first

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