fashion illustration diy……ralph lauren pre-fall

It’s been a while since I posted a DIY tutorial demonstrating my fashion illustration technique! Today’s post features a step by step guide to creating a watercolor painting featuring runway looks from Ralph Lauren pre- fall 2014……I love the strong, spicy yellows!


First, gather your supplies including watercolor paints (I use a dry palette), watercolor pencils, a paintbrush, water, a porcelain plate for mixing, a photograph from which to work, a sturdy piece of watercolor paper and a light box or sunny window if your drawing skills aren’t strong!


Next, using a flesh colored pencil, lightly outline the major shapes…….


Then fill in your dominant colors with a light wash of paint……


Once you have established the foundation of the illustration you can add details with bolder strokes of paint and your pencils……The key to a fluid drawing is to work quickly and not worry about mistakes! Leave a lot of white areas if you can……The beauty of watercolor pencils is marks are easily erased with a quick wash of water so have fun with it!


A quick tip on drawing faces: I use a very sharp lead pencil to create eyes and a smudge of flesh colored paint or pencil to create the nose and mouth….

I will often leave the background white and then fill in a color using photoshop for my digital presentation.

Either way this is a fun project you can try using any photograph and I think you will enjoy seeing your own unique style emerge as you try this technique!


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