fashion illustration tutorial….

Being snowed in gave me a chance to put together a quick tutorial today! I was inspired by this sweet trio by Stella McCartney…..

SM 3

Step 1: Outline your croquis figures with a light flesh toned watercolor pencil (download and trace my croquis here if you aren’t comfortable drawing your own!)

SM 1

Step 2: Fill in the flesh areas and hair with a light watercolor wash

SM 2

Step 3: Fill in bolder the bolder colors of the dresses with a more saturated wash of paint

SM 4

Step 4: Now add facial, dress and hair details with corresponding watercolor pencils…keeping your marks very sketchy and quick!

SM 3

And there you have it….a trio of sherbet colored beauties to take the sting out of winter!

SM 5

I’d love to see what you can create with my croquis…..please share your illustrations with me!


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