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fashionable friends……..

Fashionable Friends features fashionable women I have met and admired through the marvelous world of social media…these are women of grace, class and integrity whose personal styles beg to be illustrated!


I am one of those people who never leaves the house without makeup on – even when I workout I will wear a touch of lipgloss! How happy was I to discover the beautiful Heather of Woods of Bell Trees


Heather’s passions include decorating, writing and makeup. Growing up her mom always told her she could do whatever she wanted to if she put her mind to it so one night while doing research she decided to create a blog! She wrote and published her first post that night.

As time has pressed on the focus of her lovely blog has come to center around the things that she loves the most: making beautiful things with her hands. Whether it’s a decoration or making a space pretty and organized, leaving the things she touches more beautiful than when she began brings her happiness and satisfaction. She shares decorating tips and plenty of fun DIY projects accompanied by lovely photographs.

Heather has just embarked on a new blogging endeavor: sharing You Tube videos demonstrating various beauty products. Check out her first review here. I hope to see many more from this talented entrepreneur!



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