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Fashionable Friends features fashionable women I have met and admired through the marvelous world of social media…these are women of grace, class and integrity whose personal styles beg to be illustrated!

Tamera Beardsley –


Long before the idea of creating my own blog came into fruition I discovered the beautiful Tamera Beardsley. Tamera is an entrepreneur, stylist, jewelry designer, free spirit, wife, mom and all around talented lady! Like many of us moms she put her career on hold to raise three amazing kids and now finds herself beginning a new chapter as she reconnects with her pre-mom self.

Tamera possesses the unique ability to expose her vulnerability, faith and strength through poetic copy and stunning images featuring a laid back SoCal lifestyle that has caused this New England native to seriously consider relocation! But that’s what we do, isn’t it? Compare our lives or circumstances to someone else’s when, really, we are all on unique and blessed paths custom designed for our highest good.

Tamera’s style? She manages to combine SoCal Bohemian with Hollywood Glamour! Of course it helps that she is movie star gorgeous! A fashion illustrator’s dream! When I saw this tulle skirt, adorable hat and movie star sunglasses ensemble I knew I had to sketch her. She has a passion for accessories, most of which she has designed herself (see more here) and she offers plenty of tips on how to layer them on to create your own unique look.

I encourage you to head on over to Tamera’s website for a real treat!



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