hello, adele! a magazine cover illustration tutorial

I love the trend of magazine cover illustrations showcased by some of the amazing artists out there so today I am sharing my tips and techniques for creating a gorgeous magazine style portrait inspired by this amazing photo of Adele taken by Annie Leibovitz for the March issue of Vogue…..


Let’s begin!

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For this portrait I used watercolor paints, watercolor pencils and copic markers…….you will also want to have access to a light box or a sunny window for tracing…..

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Step 1: With a light flesh colored watercolor pencil sketch her face using the light box or a sunny window to help you with outlining major shapes….Be sure to outline the typography as well! This is what will give your illustration an authentic fashion magazine appeal……

a 2

Step 2: Begin to add washes of watercolor….

a 3

Step 3: Add details such as eyelashes, arched eyebrows and strands of hair with bolder strokes of your watercolor pencils……Outline arms and dress details with quick, sketchy strokes in strong, contrasting colors…

a 4

Step 4: Now create and sculpt the features of her face with a variety of flesh toned copic markers…these markers are absolutely the best for shading and shadowing! Start with stronger peach tones to shadow her eyes……

a 5

Then use pinks and browns to create shadows around her nose and cheeks, finally using a berry or brown marker to stain her lips-just like applying a lip stain to your own mouth! The idea here is to create shadows following the image in the photo.

a 6

Step 5: Step back from your piece and analyze the colors……where can you add a final pop of strong pigment? After all, if you are the Art Director for a Fashion Magazine your job is to get your cover noticed so be bold and creative! I added a daring dash of neon to my finished illustration to give Miss Adele a pop art quality…..

This is a really fun exercise and I would love to see your magazine cover illustrations using this technique! Feel free to share this link on FB, IG or Pinterest!

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Have fun!!

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