illustrating “tweens”….

Somewhere between adorable and beautiful reside those amazing creatures know as “tweens”…


Today I’m featuring another quick tutorial depicting an angelic tween model in an outfit of my own imagination! Her sheer skirt over fuschia leggings presents an interesting painting challenge….let’s begin!

s 1

Step 1: Start with a flesh colored watercolor pencil and loosely sketch your figure….


Add some color swatches to create a working palette if you like!


Step 2: Add some facial details with your watercolor pencil…just make light smudges to represent her eyes, mouth and nose!


Step 3: Add light washes of color to create a sheer skirt over leggings…..start with the lightest pink then add more saturated tones of fuschia. Mix a tiny bit of white gouache with the fuschia to create gradual variations in the thickness of the leggings under the skirt. Be very loose and sketchy with this technique to give the illusion of a sheer fabric over opaque leggings.


Step 4: Add details to the skirt with your pencils such as tiny flowers…. then with bolder strokes of a grey or charcoal pencil outline small areas of her skirt such as tiny gathers in the fabric…..


Step 5: Continue to add finer details such as facial features or strands of hair with your pencils….


And your illustration is complete! Enjoy!!


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