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The Art of Fashion.....My Creative Process

My creative process is always evolving as I explore all the ways to blend Photoshop graphics with traditional painting techniques including gouache and watercolors!  I call this process and the resulting images "The Art of Fashion".... I start by painting ethereal ladies from the waist up.... Then I paint lots of flower doodles..... I could paint these all day! I then scan these sketches and open them up in Photoshop where I clean them up a bit and build gorgeous floral skirts from the floral doodles... The Art of Fashion 5x5 Note Cards are available now in the shop! Do you have a favorite? I'd love to know!

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sketching flowery fashions through a blizzard…..

Yesterday, as the snow storm raged outside, I found myself sketching anything and everything colorful, flowery and springlike! My main inspiration came from the always mouthwatering 2015 spring Gorsuch catalog……. So even though there is more than two feet of fresh snow outside this morning the sun is shining and I’m ready for spring break!

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DIY Watercolor Tutorial….holiday clementines

I bought some beautiful clementines the other day which were so pretty I decided to set up an impromptu photo shoot against a backdrop of 50’s vintage tablecloths from my collection! Then I got out my watercolors and created a little postcard sized painting from my favorite photo of the bunch…… Here’s my step by step tutorial […]

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