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MATS week 5 final assignment…..a new princess in the house of windsor?

The final assignment in Lilla Rogers MATS Part A class is all about the Gift Market and creating a product inspired by our own personal collections……. What do I collect? Vintage beads, cabochons and medallions which I transform into unique statement pieces including necklaces, bracelets and……..a tiara?? Hmmnnnn…….Will there be a new princess in the […]

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MATS – Make Art That Sells………..and WellWed

I’m so excited to start Lilla Rogers MATS (Make Art That Sells) course which begins Monday! I’m technically still on vacation but my passion for illustration never takes a vacation! Imagine getting paid for what you love to do? This is my motivation for enrolling in Lilla’s highly acclaimed class which has launched the careers of […]

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