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matisse love….

I gave myself a Christmas present this year…..a quick trip to NYC to see the Matisse Cut Outs Exhibit at MOMA! I am so inspired and humbled by the simple beauty of these collages…..I can’t wait to get my hands on some construction paper, paste and scissors over the next couple of weeks as the […]

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a wedding story and a behind the scenes watercolor tutorial……

Because every illustration tells a story…… Their names are Rachel and Travis…… They met exactly one year ago today on a crowded Manhattan sidewalk….Well, actually, they literally ran into each other exactly one year ago today at the corner of Madison and 38th as both were simultaneously texting and running trying desperately  to get to […]

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a fashion story…..karen

Because every illustration tells a story….. Her name is Karen…. She is a Bond Trader at a prestigious Wall Street Investment Firm where she is known as “one of the boys”……Just back at work from a three month maternity leave, she can’t wait to get home to her brand new baby girl! Independent, ambitious and […]

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