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ladies in summer hats……a watercolor tutorial

As the summer gets hotter that hats get wider! Time for another watercolor tutorial featuring a wide brimmed summer stunner! Step 1: Get your palette going with colors of your choice….I have chosen cool lavenders and blues with some neutral splashes of browns and greys mixed in to warm up the colors just a touch. I […]

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DIY tutorial…free form watercolor flowers inspired by vintage linens

One of my favorite activities to do every morning is to paint free form watercolor flowers just to put me in a joyful mood! I have an extensive collection of vintage linens which always serve as inspiration. Today I’ve create a tutorial inspired by a favorite hankie! I absolutely love the bold floral prints of […]

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fashion illustration in three steps….

Here’s another glimpse at my process…..hope you will give it a try! Download my free croquis  to get you on your way! Step 1: First, think lovely thoughts! Then…..trace the croquis with a light watercolor pencil and fill in flesh tones with a light wash Step 2: Add more washes of bolder color, don’t be […]

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