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what can you do with a page from a coloring book?

More than you think!

BethBriggsPage31 blog

Create your own coloring masterpieces worthy of framing from simple black and white drawings abundantly available today…..I’ll show you how with a page from my Be Your Own Fashion Artist Coloring Book! Since I wanted to use watercolor paints in addition to pencils I traced the coloring page onto watercolor paper. This is very easy to do with a light box or sunny window.

Pink Lady 1 blog

Start with a light wash of pink background…

Pink Lady 2 blog


Add darker pink shadows….

Pink Lady 3 blog

Add some blue to the flowers and green to the leaves….

Pink Lady 4 blog

Then finish her off with saturated hues and penciled or marker details!

You can frame your finished piece:

bbvintage bouquet print


Or even scan and make greeting cards or stationery:

PL card


My colored in Lady with Vintage Bouquet is available as an 8×10 print or downloadable clip art in my Etsy Shop.


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