workroom social…..I love my dress!

When I made the decision to move back to Manhattan and knew there was no turning back I immediately looked for sewing and design classes in the city …..When I stumbled upon Jennifer Wiese’s Workroom Social website I instantly knew that this was exactly what I was looking for! And to add to my good fortune I saw that she was offering an upcoming “Intensive Dressmaking” workshop at the end of June – perfect timing! A small group of 5 students got Jennifer’s (and her awesome teaching assistant Katy’s) undivided attention for two whole days….And here is my finished dress!


I learned how to correctly fit a pattern, install an invisible zipper and a few trade other secrets which I can’t share here because then they wouldn’t be secrets, would they? Jennifer brought in a steady supply of delicious treats from local Brooklyn restaurants and caterers but mainly we just sewed and sewed without interruption to our hearts’ content…..what a luxury!

Jennifer offers several classes and workshops and a variety of professional services…. I will definitely be joining her again and in the meantime I have a custom fitted pattern which I can use as a base for all kinds of designs! Exactly what I was looking for!

My next dress will have contrasting sleeves, or maybe a color block border along the hem, or maybe a peter pan collar or maybe……


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